How unique am I on the internet?

There are many ways authorities can idenify you on the internet.

Your device’s MAC (Media Access Control) address, your IMEI (International Mobile Eqipment Identiy) or IMSI (Internatonal Mobile Subscriber Identiy) numbers and the old favouraite your IP (Internet Protocol) address, which may as well be obselete by now.

In order to interact with the internet, one must use a browser, and browsers give away a LOT of information about your hardware and software choices.

Every single parameter, at least 60, about your hardware and software can be read and used to identify you.

From screen size, graphics card, keyboard layout to even if your menu bar is visible are all used against you.


Maybe if everyone used a browser add-on called Chameleon, then we would be lost in a sea of penguins.

So how unique are you really? See:


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