ISIS Boogeyman Hoax Strikes Indonesia

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ISIS Boogeyman Hoax Strikes Indonesia

What a terminally corrupt arch-Zionist cabal it is, this wretched clique which created the ISIS hoax. After all, it is played out as if it is an Islaamic entity, while, all along, it is a creation of the bloodthirsty, global world Jewish clique.

Make no mistake about it this is their plot regardless of the unsuspecting individuals who have been bamboozled by it, Muslim or otherwise.

It was the Zionists who created all elements of ISIS, as is clearly proven by the documentary record. It is their names, their boogeymen, and their stooges. Even the flag is an arch-Zionist creation (the following video thanks to a Truth Hertz posting):


When this is considered, then, it is true; ISIS or IS did, in fact, scheme against Jakarta in the form of Israel State (Eretz Israel) and/or ISIS, that is the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service aka the Shin Bet and Mossad.

The entire event in Jakarta was orchestrated by the real ISIS, the Israeli Zionists and their collaborators. Among their fakes were multiple claims by the Zionist-controlled media which were absolutely false such as the claim of the existence of suicide belts on multiple purported bombers.

Hard, absolute proof of staging and of known patsies in the Indonesian terror scam

Where are the suicide belts on these men? It’s all a filthy lie to create fear in the population and to advance the arch-Zionist world conquest agenda. The detonation of a real suicide vest would have killed and wounded a multitude of people. It simply didn’t happen, no matter how many times it is protested and claimed by the Zionists.


This single image tells all. Let the entire world realize it. Let the Indonesian people realize the plots against them. For those men with their smoke bombs and pyrotechnic devices this was a staging area in full view of police agents, photographers, and more. That’s a perfect HD-quality image. It was obviously taken by a person put there in place for that purpose.

Notice all the police in the background:


What useless police these are with all their American-FBI-Mossad training that they couldn’t even do their job and protect the UN from that attack (sarcasm). Who believes this is anything other than a globalist plot after seeing the background image.

Now comes the claim that they really were ISIS. After all, counterterrorism forces found an ISIS flag in one of the men’s homes. This is the inside of the home according to the DailyFail. No one can believe this is anything other than a treacherous lie.

In the video it is obvious that this capturing of the flag was staged. It’s like a party, there. No one is taking the Densus 88 counterterrorism charge seriously.


The woman is playfully slapping the infant. There is nothing here other than a fake, a mere hoax.


They are laughing it up for the cameras. There was no flag in there, that is unless it was planted by the officials themselves. See them roll it out; watch the video carefully. How did they know it was an ISIS flag if it was all rolled up?


Aha, gotcha. It’s purely the most supercilious inane hoax conceivable, completely fake:


Yet, to any observer the staging was obvious. What in the world is this supposed to represent? The terrorist patsies were always in full view of the secret services. In fact, they were their agents. Even so, they were allowed to roam about freely for up to two hours. Not a single long-gun was used to take them out.


Too, what in the world does this represent? If it is so dangerous out there, why is that other man running out ahead of the vehicle. This is the first vehicle hoax seen, where SWAT is constantly hiding behind metal. That seems to be unique to Indonesian hoaxers. Regardless, he ran out there, because he knew there was no danger to him in the least. The Mossad would take out one unarmed man, a bystander, who was shot virtually dead in the street.


Wait a minute. The government, as in Sandy Hoax, says, “Don’t speculate. Don’t analyze. Trust us. We’ll give you the truth. If we assist in killing your sons, don’t say anything; don’t resist, or we will come and get you, too.”

The Islamophobes at the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) now come with raw, absolute Islamophobia, spreading nothing but terminally wretched lies:


Douglas is a UN so-called Transnational Counterterrorism agent for the arch-Zionist UN. Notice that there were men there with long guns and they did nothing to stop the smoke and pyrotechnic bombers.



Direction of the modest pyrotechnic-type bomb, low explosive (red arrow). No five men bombed the Starbucks with suicide bombs. It’s just another wretched lie.


If even one person detonated a vest containing high explosive, this is not the type of damage that would be seen. The following is the expected damage from a high-explosive-based ‘suicide’ bomb:

There was no fire, no smoke, no extensive char: no expected blast injury to be seen anywhere.

Also, with all the vehicles that would have obviously have went by in Jakarta if there was a real suicide bombing, someone would have been hurt; cars would have been turned into flaming infernos.

For the Jarkata false flag and staged terror hoax there were, then, absolutely no suicide bombs of any kind detonated. That is merely spread as a lie for purposes of demonization and also in order to enhance the plot of Martial Law-style control:


The Mossad and Shin Bet-controlled Indonesian security apparatus seeks to gain more and more power, not only to arrest just anyone but also to shoot them on-site, Israeli-style, in extra-judicial killings without the slightest attempt to arrest or investigate them.

Was George Soros on-site for this wretched hoax as well? In this case common criminals were sacrificed for the scam, along with two Indonesian citizens.

It’s a filthy Zionist plot, one orchestrated in the most heavily populated Muslim country in the land. The Zionist tentacles are broad and vast. They seek plunder and absolute control. Moreover, they do so through treachery, including bloodthirsty murder. No one should take this lightly.

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