Aryan Future: Self-Sustaining Habitats

Daily Stormer
May 8, 2017

Our destiny, as the White race, is the master the elements, conquer the stars and learn the deepest secrets of the universe. But instead of doing all that, we’re being chained to the earth by Jew parasites, who redirect all our energies on caring for third-world primitives.

Once we rid ourselves of this burden, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.

This YouTube channel is really quite good. He goes into the details of how various future engineering projects could be built using our current understanding of science, both on earth (or other planets) and in space.

Most people who talk about these sorts of futuristic ideas are infested by sickening liberal ideas, making their videos unwatchable. The author of these videos is probably a liberal, but he keeps moral and political questions to himself and just goes over the how and why, making for fascinating viewing.

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