CK – Satanists Represent an Alien Force

A painting full of symbolism of the Mystery Schools. “Allegory of
Geometry”, 1649, Laurent de La Hyre displayed at the Palace of the
Legion of Honor, San Francisco. The snake covers the Earth, geometry and pyramids play key roles. What is seen depends on the viewer’s level of initiation and wisdom.

The secret of the Occult Arts and Mystery Schools is that a Cult formed around a spirit or force from a different universe/dimension actually controls the initiates and thus, much of the Earth.

(Disclaimer – I reserve judgment. As you know, I believe the central banking cartel explains enough, but who knows what inspires them?)

by CK

Stop blaming “The Jews”, “The Jesuits”, “the Nazis”, “the Illuminati” or “the Secret Societies” for the destruction of our civilization. Those labels are on the surface — what is hidden inside is what controls everything. If someone follows Truth, Compassion and Tolerance, they are a good person. 

If a person’s thoughts are controlled by an inter-dimensional spirit or entity that does not follow Truth, Compassion and Tolerance, they can become evil. The secret of secrets of the Occult Arts and Mystery Schools is that a Cult formed around a spirit or force from a different universe/dimension actually controls the initiates and thus, much of the Earth.

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol used by one of the
Mystery Schools that have infiltrated every element of our civilization.
This includes the top levels of all secret societies (Masons, Jesuits, Kabbalah, etc.) Humans are normally protected from these beings, but wishes for fame and profit lead them to “join up” and invite these entities onto their bodies. Most initiates are born into this Cult and others are occasionally invited to be initiated based on their accomplishments  — it’s not possible to apply for membership. 

Low-level initiates are not told the high-level secrets, which helps maintain a cover story of legitimacy for the group. High-level secrets are revealed after initiation rituals at each level, which can involve blood sacrifices, blood oaths and strict secrecy. The penalty for revealing secrets is death. 

Everything is compartmentalized on a “need to know” basis and the levels are like a pyramid (hence the symbol). As you go higher, there are fewer people. At the top levels are the people who control the world. The biggest secret is what controls the pyramid.

Only the initiated are allowed to gain enough wealth or power to affect society.  That level starts at several hundred million dollars of personal net worth. In terms of media influence, anyone over 500k followers should be assumed to be controlled. Control is maintained through bribery, blackmail, defamation and murder.

In history, it had many names: Baal, Shiva, Lucifer, Satan, Pindar, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles, Horus, and Iblis, as well as others not known to history. The Egyptians called it the “Eye of Horus”; the Chinese call them “futi” (spirit and animal possession), the Indians call them “asura” (inter-dimensional beings), Arabs call them “Jinn” — in the West we call them “spirits” or “demons”. Initiates cultivate super-normal powers that can be used on ordinary people through geomancy (placement of buildings and roads), ritual sacrifice, magic symbols, members and signs, as well as sorcery and spells. 

Israeli Supreme Court. Symbols are placed in prominent locations to signal control by the Cult, in this case over the Law. 

Signaling is Literally “Carved in Stone”

Their signs and symbols are pyramids, hexagrams, hexagons and the number 6, the “all seeing eye”, certain handshakes and other forms of signaling, and they appear on buildings, advertisements, in shops, on clothing, art and sculptures, etc. The snake is one representation of this entity.

Here is an example that was literally carved in stone 4,500 years ago in Egypt:

An ancient Egyptian statue from the 4th dynasty of King Kafhre (2,550 BC to 2,480 BC) in the Cairo Museum (acc. no.: JE10062 or CG14) clearly show he is possessed by a falcon, which is known as the God Horus.

Many people believe the King is “protected” by Horus, but he is in fact possessed and controlled by Horus. This kind of spirit possession (“The Eye of Horus) is quite common and an ultimate secret of the Mystery Schools. Individual people can also attract these entities by pursuing fame or money, you don’t need to be initiated into the Cult to become possessed. You want to get something you shouldn’t have and it can help you get it if you let it attach itself to you. It can place thoughts in the minds of other ordinary people…”go watch that movie” or “go to that shop and buy this product”. It doesn’t give these things to you without getting something in return; it gets use of your physical body for its purposes and you get some fleeting fame or trinkets in this lifetime. It takes your soul.

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol used by one of the Mystery Schools that have infiltrated every element of our civilization.

The Best Description of this Phenomenon

The best description I have found of this inter-dimensional phenomena can be found in the book Zhuan Falun (“Turning the Law Wheel”) by Master Li Hongzhi English LINK HERE to full pdf.
From Zhuan Falun Lecture 2, The Issue of Pursuit:
“If you have a pursuit, an animal will see it and come to possess you. This is precisely animal or spirit possession. Don’t you want to treat illness? It will help you do this. But it does not help you treat illness without a reason. No loss, no gain. It is very dangerous, and you will end up inviting it.”

Those who invite these kinds of things onto themselves are pursuing fame and fortune.  How do you protect yourself from this kind of possession? Righteous religions have warned about these entities for millennia and they suggest following Truth, Compassion and Tolerance. If you never have an evil thought or deed (which is very hard to do), nothing can touch you.

Revelation of the Method

Here is a video of a rabbi making the “big reveal” to a room of people who are astounded to learn Jews are aliens who have been sent to conquer the earth. 

Occasionally things leak out or reveal themselves through predictive programming or “Revelation of the Method” in popular culture or news stories. The film “They Live” is showing you what is really happening and the star, pro-wrestler/actor Roddy Piper, later called They Live “a documentary”.

If you have supernormal abilities and your third eye is open, you can “see” these things. Inter-dimensional beings exist in other dimensions; they have a different frequency to what we can see with our human eyes. With the right glasses or frequency shifting tech, could you see them? Yes. Dicyanin glasses can enable some to see these entities, like the sunglasses in the movie “They Live “. Here’s an example from ebay, where you can buy them:

An eBay listing for dicyanin googles. They are not easy to find (or inexpensive). This seller is a reliable source on eBay.

I have pointed out this phenomenon so you can avoid it and you will know when you encounter a person who is possessed. I told you to follow Truth, Compassion and Tolerance and to eliminate the evil. These things can’t exist in a righteous field and you can ward them off.  You are the one making the choices. If you have attracted this kind of force, you still have a choice. The Creator is here. If you follow a righteous path and purify yourself, these things will be driven away.

Nearly everyone will experience this force at some point in their life. Now you know what you encountered.


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