College enrollment on decline in US

Many American young people are figuring out there are more rewards from pissing into the wind on a freezing day than going deep in debt to get a degree from a “college” where staff and “professors” hate America and teach total bullshit.

An added determent is the fact many of the egg head bastions of communism are still requiring students to take an assisted suicide Killer Jab for a Non Existent “virus” in order to deposit tens of thousands of dollars into the college’s bank accounts .

I once saw a college schooled fool with an Engineering Degree try to tell smarter people instead of washing mud off an asphalt road downhill, to wash the mud uphill.

I kid you not.
That was in the military.

I figured out the reason they have college schooled officers in the military is it is a social welfare program to keep tens of thousands of college schooled fools from standing on street corners with signs saying “ANYTHING HELPS”.

Seeing so many college schooled fools begging for money on street corners would be bad for the college industry.

The Ole Dog!


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