Filthy Jews Attack Empress Melania Again!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 4, 2016

The sickening, ratlike Jews have launched yet another attack on Empress Melania Trump, the beautiful Aryan wife of Our Glorious Leader.

The Jews have no morals. To them, it is perfectly fine to attack and berate a woman, to the end of getting at her husband.


NBC’s brand-new variety sketch show Maya and Marty wasted little time turning political by featuring a skit in its first episode that poked fun at the wives of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and former candidate Sen. Ted Cruz.

In the sketch from the new series, produced by Saturday Night Live‘s Lorne Michaels, Melania Trump introduces a new line of “edible diamonds” while Heidi Cruz pokes fun at her accent and laments how she was compared to her during the presidential primary.

Lorne Michaels is a kike.

Trump and Cruz are played by Saturday Night Live alumni Maya Rudolph and Kate McKinnon, respectively. McKinnon is perhaps best known for also playing Hillary Clinton on SNL.

Maya Rudolph is a kike.

“The only thing I love more than Donald is diamonds,” Melania Trump says in an over-the-top accent in the skit. “But we all ask ourselves: why can I not eat it? Not anymore you can’t. With Melania’s Edible Diamonds.”

Trump then takes a bite out of the diamond ring on her finger.

That isn’t funny at all.

The plan is to portray her as a heartless gold-digger, who is only with Trump for his wealth. This is a theme we are going to see repeated. It is intended to make women feel jealous and hateful toward her, and thus not vote for Trump because of their feelings toward his wife. It’s a basic attack on female psychology, and will work a lot better than telling them not to vote for him because he’s a “misogynist.”

And it’s a lot easier to attack a man’s elegant and innocent wife that it is to attack the Alpha Male Leader, huh Jews?

You Jews.

You filthy, evil Jews.

Bonus Human Biodiversity Lesson!

This is Melania Trump:


This is a Jewess pretending to be Melania Trump:


Do you have any further questions about the nature of the Jewish race?

Here’s the twitters – tell this disgusting bitch what you think of her little kike jokes.



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