GOP Convention Day 4: LIVE LIVE LIVE

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 21, 2016


Red Ice stream is going live in a few minutes.

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I’m behind getting this thread up! Today’s festivities area already starting!

So, today we’re going to skip the recap part, and go straight to the Live Streams and LIVE THREAD!

You know the news anyway – it was already on the main page.

Biggest thing was scumbag Cruz refusing to endorse. He lied to The Leader and said he would be endorsing in order to get the speaking spot. Trump saw the speech a couple hours before he gave it though and let him give it, no doubt because he wanted him to completely ruin his own career. Which is what that speech did.

No one is going to not vote for Trump because Ted Cruz told them to vote for Hillary. The only person that the wetback Ted Cruz’ speech harms is Ted Cruz. And it harmed him badly. It makes him look like a whiny little bitch, who cares more about his own bizarre religious cult plan to take over the world in the name of fetuses than about the country or any of these nonsense “principles” he’s on about.

Oh, and Donald Jr. gave a great speech.

It’s fantastic the was The Leader is using all of his family members as his agents. Very Fascist.

Some kike feminist just penned a piece claiming that the entire structure of Trump’s family is sexist hatred. And by the feminist definition, it is. He is the ultimate patriarch.


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Hail Victory!

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