Hell Creeps Significantly Closer

Hell creeps significantly closer.
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Date: Tue, May 10, 2022 at 7:26 AM
Subject: Famine Rides a Black Horse
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Famine Rides a Black Horse“I heard something like a voice in the center of the four living creatures saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; but do not damage the oil and the wine”Jack HeartMay 10A poultry house at a Rockingham County farm burned to the ground on Friday afternoon, killing tens of thousands of chickens inside. (WHSV)Tucker Carlsons April 21, 2022, rant about Americas food supply being under attack was met with a furious flurry of fact checks by the usual suspects claiming the fires were minor or didn’t happen at all and this was all just coincidence being overexaggerated. Of course, again, Carlson was unable to follow up, much as he never followed up on his originally sharp criticism of Americas involvement in Ukraine.If he wasn’t a millionaire working for billionaires, Carlson probably would have done another show around May 2, explaining to his semi-conscious viewers that a mysterious avian flu suspected to be spread by wildfowl has appeared in Pennsylvania and Oklahoma. He would have told them that in Pennsylvania “3,825,800 birds — a combination of egg layers, meat birds and pullets — have died as a result of the infection or, more likely, were depopulated, a term used to describe the quick euthanization of birds in a flock…”After John Kaminski sent me a chronological list of the carnage inflicted on Americas food supply since the latter part of 2019, I took the opportunity to check into it for my subscribers. It’s actually much worse than Carlson made it sound. There are a few small fires in the list below, of articles mostly linked to the wayback machine, but the vast majority of the fires are described as “massive.” Millions of birds and thousands of milk cows, pigs and cattle have perished in flames. Depots, plants and silos have been utterly destroyed along with the meat and grain they contained.Some of the fires burned so hot it took days to put them out, causing fire tornados to shoot hundreds of feet up into the night sky. In Stowe Vermont were there were two such fires the fire marshal inexplicably refused to investigate. It isn’t only fires. There is a beautiful female pilot who was killed in kamikaze like crash into a potato processing plant. In another incident commando style sabotage was employed on ten thousand acres intended to feed thousands of cattle. Aluminum and metal were affixed to cornstalks but when the farmer ran the stalks through the processor, he heard the metal grinding in the machine, and caught it before he fed the cattle. The mixture would have shredded their stomachs…05/07/19 CHINO, CA DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGS08/09/19 HOLCOMB, KS TYSON FOOD PROCESSING PLANT01/03/20 OSTEGO, MI DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGS01/27/20 NC/VA DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGS02/11/20 ADEL, GA GRAIN SILO FIRE02/27/20 BLOOMFIELD, NE MICHAEL FOOD PROCESSING PLANT04/24/20 CERES, CA DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGSCERES, Calif.04/24/20 NEW BEDFORD, MA WAREHOUSE FIRE05/03/20 YUCATAN, MEXICO KEKEN FOOD PROCESSING PLANT05/23/20 SAN FRANCISCO, CA WAREHOUSE FIRE05/27/20 STOCKTON, CA MIZKAN FOOD PROCESSING PLANTMizkan, nope nothing to see here folks…07/10/20 CALIFORNIA HECTARES LOST07/21/20 MANNINGTON, NJ DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGS07/24/20 HEMINGWAY, SC MEAT LOCKER FOOD PROCESSING PLANT07/30/20 LANCASTER COUNTY, PA DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGS08/16/20 FINNEY COUNTY, KS TYSON FOOD PROCESSING PLANT08/26/20 ROYAL, IA GRAIN SILO FIRE08/27/20 ARABI, LA DOMINO FOOD PROCESSING PLANT09/11/20 VANCOUVER, CANADA GRAIN SILO FIRE09/30/20 BAY COUNTY, MI HECTARES LOST10 /2, 2020, TREMONTONN, UT WEST LIBERTY FOOD PROCESSING PLANT10/07/20 PINCONNING, MI MR. CHIPS FOOD PROCESSING PLANT10/14/20 TEMPLE, TX WAREHOUSE FIRE10/15/20 MARENGO, CANADA GRAIN SILO FIREThe Kindersley Fire and Rescue Brigade responded about 10:45 p.m., followed by fire departments from Eatonia, Kerrobert and Oyen. Marengo is located about 45 kilometres from Kindersley, Sask. | Screencap via kindersleysocial.ca12/17/20 DADE CITY, FL DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGS01/12/21 FAYETTEVILLE, IL DELI STAR FOOD PROCESSING PLANT02/18/21 MALAHIDE, CANADA DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGS02/18/21 AYLMER, CANADA DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGS02/23/21 GOULDS, CANADA DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGS03/03/21 BROOTEN, MN WAREHOUSE FIRE03/06/21 BUCKEYE, AZ DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGS07/25/21 MEMPHIS, TN KELLOGG FOOD PROCESSING PLANT5/6/2022, 4:30 PM 08/24/21 COBB COUNTY, GA PATAK MEAT FOOD PROCESSING PLANT09/13/21 GRAND ISLAND, NE JBS MEAT FOOD PROCESSING PLANTOctober 13, 2021, CALDWELL, ID DARIGOLD FOOD PROCESSING PLANT10/27/21 EILLISBURG, NY DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGS11/20/21 KANSAS CITY, KS MAID-RITE FOOD PROCESSING PLANT12/01/21 CORNISH, UT WAREHOUSE FIRE12/02/21 KERSEY, CO DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGSPlatte Valley Fire Protection District responded to a large cattle barn fire near Weld County Road 49 and 52. (Courtesy of Platte Valley Fire Protection District Facebook page)12/14/21 COLLINS, MS SANDERSON ANIMAL FEED PROCESSING PLANT12/21/21 SAN ANTONIO, TX WEST SIDE FOOD PROCESSING PLANT01/01/22 MOMENCE, IL VAN DRUNEN FOOD PROCESSING PLANTApproximately 75 percent of the 80,000-square-foot freeze-drying facility of the Van Drunen Farms Tuthill production site will be considered a “total loss.”01/08/22 FRESNO, CA DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGS01/10/22 MELROSE, MN DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGS01/12/22 BURKE, NY DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGS01/14/22 LECOMPTE, LA GRAIN SILO FIRE01/16/22 ST. ROSA, MN DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGS01/21/22 WARDEN, WA WASHINGTON POTATO FOOD PROCESSING PLANT12 5/6/2022, 4:30 PM 01/24/22 MODESTO, CA WAREHOUSE FIRE02/01/22 HAMILTON MTN, CANADA DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGS02/02/22 OSTERBURG, PA DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGS02/03/22 STOWE, VT DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGS02/03/22 MAUSTON, WI WISCONSIN RIVER MEAT FOOD PROCESSING PLANT02/07/22 NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGS02/10/22 STOWE, VT DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGSStowe firefighters worked to put out the blaze at the Percy home farm from the night of Wednesday, Feb. 2 and well into the next day.02/15/22 EL PASO, TX BONANZA FOOD PROCESSING PLANT02/16/22 CLAYPOOL, IN LDS FOOD PROCESSING PLANT02/24/22 LAMBTON COUNTY, CANADA DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGSThe Ontario Fire Marshal will not be investigating an early-morning barn blaze that killed about 100 cattle and caused as much as $1 million in damage at an Egremont Road dairy farm on Thursday, Feb. 24, 2022, in Warwick Township, Ont. Terry Bridge/Sarnia Observer/Postmedia Network PHOTO BY TERRY BRIDGE /Terry Bridge/The Observer02/28/22 HERMSTON, OR SHEARER’S FOOD PROCESSING PLANT02/28/22 SUNNYSIDE, WA WAREHOUSE FIRE03/04/22 CLEVELAND, OH DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGS03/13/22 JONESBORO, AR NESTLE FOOD PROCESSING PLANT03/16/22 PLAINFIELD, IN WAREHOUSE FIRE03/21/22 BUFFALO COUNTY, WI DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGS03/24/22 BELFAST, ME MCCRUM POATO FOOD PROCESSING PLANT03/29/22 MARICOPA, AZ WAREHOUSE FIRE03/31/22 SAN JUAN, TX WAREHOUSE FIRE04/11/22 CONWAY, NH DESTROYED CATTLE/POULTRY/HOGS04/13/22 SALINAS, CA TAYLOR FOOD PROCESSING PLANT04/13/22 HEYBURN, ID GEM STATE FOOD PROCESSING PLANTIdaho UPS pilot killed instantly after her plane crashes into potato processing plant04/18/22 DUFUR, OR AZURE FOOD PROCESSING PLANT04/19/22 LEOTI, KS WAREHOUSE FIRE04/22/22 SHERBROOKE, CANADA CVA FOOD PROCESSING PLANTFire crews from six different stations responded to the Centre de Valorisation des Aliments on Wednesday after an explosion and a major fire injured at least three people. (André Vuillemin/Radio-Canada)04/24/22 CEDAR RAPIDS, IA GENERAL MILLS FOOD PROCESSING PLANT04/29/22 SPOKANE VALLEY, WA GRAIN SILO FIRE04/30/22 CHESAPEAKE, WV PERDUE ANIMAL FEED PROCESSING PLANT04/30/22 KALONA, WA GRAIN SILO FIRE05/01/22 LANCASTER COUNTY, PA DESTROYED POULTRY“A highly contagious and deadly strain of avian influenza was confirmed on a sixth Lancaster County poultry operation on Thursday, requiring 18,000 birds to be destroyed in hopes of curtailing the virus’s spread,” LNP | LancasterOnline’s Sean Sauro reported. “The farm’s exact location within the county was not revealed by officials at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The infected property was identified as a facility producing ‘commercial broiler breeder pullets’ — young birds that would later be grown for meat. … Across all six commercial poultry properties, 3,825,800 birds — a combination of egg layers, meat birds and pullets — have died as a result of the infection or, more likely, were depopulated, a term used to describe the quick euthanization of birds in a flock.” Infected wild waterfowl migrating from Europe are believed to be the source of this highly pathogenic strain of avian flu.05/01/22 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK POULTRY Avian influenza confirmed in domestic poultry in Sequoyah County05/01/22 JONES COUNTY, MS DESTROYED POULTRYRUSTIN, Miss. (WDAM) – A chicken farm was destroyed during a fire that happened Sunday night in Jones County.05/02/22 FRESNO, CA SALADINO FOOD PROCESSING PLANTLikeCommentShareThis post is only for paid subscribers of Jack Heart Esoteric Evolution.Like & Comment
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